We Select Potent Seed Concepts for Refinement

Our Formula makes your idea marketable, brings to the table companies sharing a positive vision and secures a licensing agreement.


By thoroughly re-working and re-designing until the improvement exceeds expectations, we create a uniquely valuable item with a clear path to market.


MMWB™ selects companies that meet our strict criteria for integrity and success. They will compete for the exclusive licensing rights to the idea. Bridges make introductions to the companies and arrange for us to present your idea.

Faster Access and Significant Consideration

The Bridge's personal/professional relationship with the selected company avoids the red tape, lost time and miscommunication, preventing missed opportunities.


The Bridge’s understanding of the priorities and focus of that company helps to shape key elements of our presentation to be ideally suited to that company.


Bridges extend our understanding of the priorities and focus of the company, helping to make our presentation ideally suited to those potential licensing companies.

Solid Companies That Bring Market Success

MMWB™ selects a set of companies to approach that match our criteria for success and integrity.

Our packaged Innovations are tailored to the products, processes or services of the selected companies.


Companies compete for the exclusive right to produce the improved item. There will be one round of bidding within a set time frame, with the highest value offer being accepted. Bids include a one time payment and a royalty.


Successful licensing means you keep 70% of the secured royalties.



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