Retail success requires a complete package, so we elevate the design, engineering and brand of the Innovation to prepare it for presentation to the interested companies for licensing.


Led by our Chief Design Architect, Ben Klaiber, MMWB’s team brings a combination of ingenuity and wisdom gained through years of experience in a wide range of backgrounds and industries -- a magic formula that breathes creative life into our every endeavor.


MMWB™ selects an ideal set of companies meeting our strict criteria for integrity and success. Multiple companies then compete for exclusive licensing.


MMWB’s method of bringing together a packaged innovation and the right company is a solid formula for success. Team up with us to create a truly brilliant innovation. One that will change people’s lives. One that you can feel pride in. One that makes our world better.

MMWB™  quickly mixes Art & Science to grow unique seed ideas into valuable packaged innovations.

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